An Ode to Car Insurance by ChatGPT

| June 14, 2023

There's much concern over the recent explosion of AI and Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT and Bard.  I can understand why some are worried about how this advancing technology will impact our lives.  Some of us can recall that there was life before the internet.  But I don't think any of us can imagine what the world would be like today if the world wide web had never come to exist.  I imagine that LLM will be the same.  Some good, some bad.  So here is some good (maybe).  I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about car insurance.  The preceding words were created by a human, what follows after the colon was written by ChatGPT from OpenAI when I asked it to "Write a poem about car insurance":

In a world of roads, where stories unfold,

There lies a pact, a tale yet untold.

It's the shield we carry, amidst life's dance,

A guardian named car insurance, perchance.

When wheels first turn, on journeys anew,

An invisible cloak, protection so true.

Through bustling streets or the open plain,

It stands as a fortress in life's wild terrain.

Amidst chaos and chance, its embrace we find,

A safety net, in moments unkind.

A fender bender, a collision's might,

Car insurance whispers, "We'll make it right."


For accidents unforeseen, it lends a hand,

Rebuilding shattered dreams, where hopes once stand.

From scratches small to damages vast,

It mends the scars of the distant past.


In premiums paid, a trust unspoken,

Insuring not just cars, but hearts broken.

For every policy, it carries a thread,

Connecting souls, where worries are shed.


Through hailstorms raging, or floods that rise,

Car insurance battles, the tempest defies.

It shields us from loss, the unexpected blow,

With every claim, its purpose will show.


Yet beyond the mechanics, the numbers and cost,

Car insurance echoes a truth not lost.

It speaks of compassion, in times of distress,

A safety blanket, when life's road is a mess.

So let us honor this guardian's grace,

With gratitude in every highway race.

For car insurance, our shield and guide,

A steadfast companion, forever by our side.